Praying and Giving

We mustn’t turn a deaf ear to the needs of Believers and non-Believers needing physical aid and the Gospel of Jesus proclaimed. When we hear Ann Voskamp urging Believers to pray and give to the refugees in Syria, we must pray and ask the Lord how we might give. When a missionary comes to church to speak of his or her calling to international or local missions, we must pray. Maybe he or she is from Wycliffe, Reaching and Teaching, New Tribes, the North American Mission Board, or the International Mission Board. Whatever his or her affiliation, the need for support is urgent and real. When the International Mission Board’s president speaks humbly and boldly about the dire need for funding for the advancement of the Gospel, we cannot look away.

My family and I fully encourage anyone contemplating supporting a missionary from ANY missions organization to pray and ask God to give him or her direction. It is far better to give than to receive. Millions still must hear the Gospel. God has chosen many from the foundation of the earth to be His children. Believers must go and spread the Good News of new life in Jesus Christ. They also must be supported by us through ongoing prayer and monetary giving.

With that being said, I am a bit torn in my passion for the International Mission Board because I have immediate family in Papua New Guinea through New Tribes Missions and a church family headed to Ecuador through Reaching and Teaching. Both families are or will be fully funded through one local church, individual donors from various churches, and other local churches across the U.S. Missionaries, like my family and friends, in other mission organizations have spent months and months traveling from church to church spreading their message and sharing their God-given calling. And God has been so kind to fully fund one family (and on-going funding for another) to go to the farthest reached places in the world.

So, I am not completely sure why God has laid it on my heart to advocate for the IMB and their Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, but I said yes and will obey! By God’s design, I am at home with these four crazy, beautiful children. My mission field is right here in Fayette County and in this home. But, our bestest of best friends are in Germany with the IMB. Of course, there is nothing superior about the IMB above any mission organization in regards to who should be supported over another, but the funding it receives comes DIRECTLY through ONE offering which is collected every winter in Southern Baptist Churches across the United States. This offering is called the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Missionaries with the IMB are called, trained, and sent, just like any other missionary in any other missions organization. However, their salary, house or apartment note, car note, school supplies and fees, travel expenses, medical expenses, and more are funded and supplied by the Board which receives its monies mainly from LOTTIE MOON CHRISTMAS OFFERING. Check out this video below to learn a little more about the offering.

Because of Who He Is

If there is a question of whether one SHOULD give to missions, the answer is always PRAY and then a big fat YES! To support missionaries sent through the IMB, visit their website at There are links embedded in the first part of this post for Wycliffe Bible Translators, New Tribes Missions, Reaching and Teaching, and the North American Mission Board.


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